Your Guide to startups and venture capital in Australia
With learnings from leaders in the ecosystem as well as practical tips about breaking into startups and venture capital
A person riding a rocket over Australia holding a flag with startup logos

Everything you need to know about the ecosystem

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Part 1: Startups

Learn about the range of Aussie startups and what it takes to work at one
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Part 2: Venture Capital

Get to know the basics of venture capital and hear from Aussie VCs
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Part 3: Angel Investing

Explore whether investing in startups is for you

With insights from the best

To create this book, we have spent hundreds of hours chatting to leaders in the ecosystem like these (and more):
Thea Ilona

Thea Ilona

Associate Digital Producer

Pasha Rayan

Pasha Rayan

Co-founder and CTO

Elicia McDonald

Elicia McDonald


Les Szekely

Les Szekely


Equity Venture Partners
Elisa Lillicrap

Elisa Lillicrap

Partner Engagement

Pratik Risbud

Pratik Risbud

Credit Manager


What early readers are saying

Audrey Thehamihardja

Audrey Thehamihardja

Associate Product Manager


"A comprehensive & entertaining guide that gives you a good run down of Sydney's startup ecosystem! Love the notes on VC & angel investing, wishing I had access to this while I was still a uni student!"

Nandini Meka

Nandini Meka

Head of Operations

Simply Wall Street

"Anyone planning to either work at a startup, get into venture capital or dabble in angel investing, this is the quintessential guide for you. I wish I had this resource 10 years ago, it would have given me a view only insiders have access to!"

Max Marchione

Max Marchione


University of Sydney

"When you combine knowledge from interviews with the world-class venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, flawless design and an astute passion for sharing information, The Rising Tide is what you get. It packs more information per page than any comparable, making it a must read."

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