Why We Wrote This

We all know there's something in the air. There's a rising tide of startups and technology in Australia. Wherever you look there's unicorns popping up and an all-time amount of investment in the ecosystem.

We are at a special moment in history where our great land down under is leaping onto the global stage.

However, so many of our brightest minds are still flocking to legacy industries to begin their careers and we aren't sure we need many more commercial lawyers. No matter how many venture capitalists you follow on Twitter or how many careers fairs you go to, information about the startup world can often be opaque.

We want to change that.

Here's our shot at giving the leaders of tomorrow everything we wish we had access to. The tools to truly make their mark. Thank you for being here and supporting World Vision in the process.

About the authors

Headshot of Sachin Shah

Sachin Shah

Sachin may be just the most extroverted person you'll meet. He is a consultant at Deloitte Digital, co-host of The Sachin and Adam Show and co-founder of the Gen Z Angel investing syndicate Aventure. Outside of work you'll find him surfing, at a music festival, meditating or travelling.
Headshot of Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Adam’s an overly obsessive learner whose just as fascinated with cryptocurrency as he is with political philosophy. Whilst finishing off his double degree, he's also the co-founder of a podcast and angel investing syndicate. In his spare time, you'll find him consuming knowledge about weird topics, surfing and going on adventures.
Headshot of Saurav Risbud

Saurav Risbud

Saurav recently graduated from the University of Sydney. He loves to read- everything from history to medicine to art. In 2021, he led Textbook Ventures which gave him a first-hand glimpse into the Aussie startup ecosystem. In his spare time, he loves playing and watching sports and has been dabbling in singing and music production.

About the designers

Hannah Ahn

Hannah is a creator at heart. If she's not working on a side project or coming up with new brand ideas, she's learning everything from education to startups and in-between. Aside from this she is an Associate Product Manager at Canva, and co-founder at Next Chapter, and has a huge passion for helping young people navigate their career.

Savina Kuan

Savina has a great passion for content creation and all things social media. She is enthusiastic about helping businesses to develop the best marketing and audience engagement strategies, in the most creative way. She is currently the design & marketing intern at the Sachin and Adam Show. Outside of studies, she is also the publicity officer and a sophisticated soprano at the Sydney Univeristy Musical Society.